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Long awaited bill on university medical centres almost ready

The bill seeks to allow university medical departments to work more closely with hospitals

After a long process of negotiation a bill is in the final stages of being proposed to parliament which would see university medical departments working more closely with hospitals.

After a drawn-out to-and-fro between the universities and hospital staff a resolution appears to be within sight as it undergoes legal scrutiny.

The bill seeks to eliminate two crucial stumbling blocks. The first is whether an academic from the university will be placed in charge of the new programme or if a doctor from the hospital will have oversight. The second issue is the nature of cooperation between doctors and academics.

“Proposals will be put into the bill and voted on and depending on the results it may evolve. Advice and oversight from the ministry of health will help guide the process,” said Margarita Kyriacou, health ministry spokesperson.

The bill seeks to address how doctors and academics will work in each other’s institutions – such as taking part in research programmes and studies. One legal sticking point was the question of how to integrate academics into the hospitals. This appears to have been resolved by integrating the academics via the state health services (Okypy).

The debate surrounding the bill in parliament is not expected to be easy. Deep divides remain on core issues which ultimately parliament will have to resolve. The issue is now in their hands.

“Cooperation between universities and hospitals is crucial but we have to wait and see what the final bill looks like,” professor Adonis Ioannides, associate dean of academic affairs at University of Nicosia medical school, told the Cyprus Mail on Thursday.

“The enhanced cooperation will greatly increase the quality of care and development of new medical technology as well as boosting health tourism,” Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou told the House finance committee on Monday.



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