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Only another financial crisis will bring about much needed reforms

Back in the days when Nicos Anastasiades pretended to listen to Christopher Pissarides

Would be good if Dr Pissarides was to mention in which democratically elected country does he find that the reform comes about without party influence; only in China maybe and is this what Cypriots wants.

True there is a need for reform and unless the government of the day takes a long term view on the economy and has the majority in Parliament to pass legislation it will never happen.

Mr Pissarides saw first hand that the National Economic Council he headed look no notice of his well designed views and instead the President and his ministers went for populist measures by placating the pubic civil servants who are the most privileged workers in the EU.

There will never be reform in Cyprus so long as the unions can dictate to democratically elected governments their terms for their votes!

Only another financial crisis and a default by many developers will bring about a change imposed by the TROIKA again as the Cypriots do not want change!


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