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Time to end this charade as we cannot even agree ‘on terms of reference’

UNFICYP has been in Cyprus since 1964

The international community has always given the Cyprob talks their ‘full support’.

It’s indeed a pity that the Cypriot political establishment doesn’t feel the same way and instead finds excuses to kick the can down the road. The latest wheeze to prolong this agony is the mind-boggling nonsense of both sides trying to agree to ‘terms of reference’ before restarting the talks process.

Admitting the Republic into the EU was a big mistake as is the UN’s ongoing dilly-dallying around. It’s time to cut the island loose and end this charade, thus allowing it to wallow in its own victimhood and indulge its monotonous, puerile, accusatory rhetoric.


Security Council expresses full support for Guterres’ efforts over Cyprus

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