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Warnings over high school students causing havoc in Kakopetria

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Winter trips to Kakopetria by lykeio students have already begun and the federation of parents associations on Friday raised a list of problems with them.

The organization said a large number of students, some of them very young, were accommodated in facilities that are either not licensed by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) or are simply homes rented out for a few days and may not meet the necessary health, safety and health requirements.

Moreover, rooms were rented out for more guests than the capacity allowed and for the sole purpose of profit.

The statement also said students – aged 15 to 18 – have been seen consuming large quantities of drugs and alcohol, while some have been found to be in possession of weapons such as baseball bats and brass knuckledusters.

Last year, police confiscated drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol found on minors in Kakopetria, while residents of the area have complained that the unaccompanied children cause chaos.

The parents association also noted “a sharp increase in sales of the morning after pill, which is of particular concern as it is dangerous for girls’ health and has an impact on mental health as well.”

Police officers will patrol the streets of Kakopetria very carefully and said on Friday they “will not hesitate to intervene and arrest anyone who breaks the law”.

“It would be sad for our children to have legal issues and no longer have a clear criminal record at this age,” the parents’ statement continued.

“Most of all, it would be heartbreaking to see their dreams destroyed for a moment of recklessness.

“All of the above are risks that we as parents must take seriously when we allow our children to participate in these outings,” they added.

“Disorderly conduct in Kakopetria has unfortunately become a custom. We need to protect our children from their own impulses and stand up to protect their future.”

Approximately 10,000 students are expected to visit Kakopetria over the next three months. They go over the weekend and during the Christmas holidays.

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