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Get to know medieval Georgian literary culture

Since ancient times, Georgian culture and literature have evolved in close correlation with other cultures of the world. Since its beginnings, the Georgian literary culture, which originated with the Christianisation of Georgians in the 4th century, has been connected to the monastic centres of the Christian East and Byzantium.

The intellectual activity of Georgian scholars in foreign monastic and educational centres played a crucial role in shaping the Georgian Christian culture and thought. Georgians established monasteries in Palestine, Mount Athos, Syria and in various regions of the Byzantine Empire. These centres undertook large-scale cultural and educational projects, including the translation of the most significant works of the Christian literature, as well as the creation of original Georgian writings and precious manuscripts.

With this in mind, The Pharos Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Georgia, present a lecture by Thamar Otkhmezuri, Senior Research Fellow at Korneli Kekelidze National Centre of Manuscripts in Tbilisi, Georgia, focused on the Medieval Georgian Literary Culture and Manuscript Production in the Christian East and Byzantium.

By presenting, in a coherent and diachronic manner, the literary work of Georgian scholars in foreign monastic centres – Palestine, Mt Sinai, Mt. Athos, Constantinople, Cyprus and Black Mountain (the Antioch region) – Thamar Otkhmezuri’s research aims to show how the Georgians adopted the ideas and values that were predominant in the advanced literary and cultural centres of the Christian world, and how they introduced these ideas and values into the Georgian national literature, turning them into an essential part of Georgian thought.


Medieval Georgian Literary Culture and Manuscript Production in the Christian East and Byzantium

Lecture and presentation by Thamar Otkhmezuri. November 25. The Shoe Factory, Nicosia. 8pm. Free. Tel: 22-663871

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