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Animal Party calls for action on import of exotic animals

The Animal party said on Sunday that with the posting of an ad for fox cubs, the operation of pet shops in Cyprus has taken a turn for the worse.

“It is terrible what is happening in front of our eyes, it is unacceptable and most bothering that it is perceived as legal,” the party said in a statement after Melios Pet Centre advertised that many of its Silver and Polar Fox pairs are about to reproduce.

“How did we get to this? What is hiding behind this trade? Why does it not stop immediately? Who is afraid of who?” the party asked.

The party said it would no longer tolerate the situation of be complicit in the lawlessness, nor will it let the cases that have been repeatedly reported involving either animal shops or zoos (licenced or not) drop.

“We do not intend to stand by and allow the import of different exotic animals, such as Siberian tigers, lions, elephants, kangaroo, silver foxes, which are not suited to our climate. These animals must remain to live where they belong,” the party added.

From Monday, the party said it will gather all the reports it has about the situation of these animals in Cyprus and take them to the relevant authorities.

“We have already given them enough time without any result”.

The party said it will take the matter to relevant European authorities in addition to European animal parties and the three MEPs that represent animal parties.

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