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Cyprus Paraplegic Organisation laments lack of concern with protest


The Cyprus Paraplegic Organisation staged a protest outside the House on Monday to mark tomorrow’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The organisation said they are not invited to parliamentary discussions on important issues related to people with disabilities, such as accessibility to buildings and outdoor spaces.

“We are feeling ignored by the House, as they decided to scale back on accessibility for people with disabilities for as far as building and outdoor spaces are concerned.

“We have sent countless letters but we have always been ignored,” they said.

“We cannot understand why we haven’t been invited to express our opinion on matters that concern us directly, unless they consider people with disabilities to be of no use.

“We urge the Speaker of the House, the Chairman of the Parliamentary and members of Parliament to start protecting our rights by ensuring that our voices are heard loud and clear whenever necessary and that our human rights are respected.”

Last month Chairman of the paraplegics’ association Demetris Lambrianides left parliament in protest because he could not access the plenum with his wheelchair, although a straightforward and speedy solution was found the following day.

Lambrianides had been invited to parliament to attend the inaugural session of the Parallel House on the environment, ecology, and health.

But he could not access the floor in his wheelchair as there was no ramp


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