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Cited abortion numbers called into question by statistics office

The island’s statistical service (Cystat) denied on Thursday that it had published figures saying there were 8,500 abortions in Cyprus a year, a figure reported in parliament earlier this week.

The service also denied ever examining the issue.

“We never studied the number of abortions taking place in Cyprus per year,” the Cystat official Loukia Makri told Cyprus Mail.

The figure was used during an open discussion hosted by Green Party MP Charalambos Theopemptou on October 29 and repeated by the chairman of the large families organisation (POP) Dinos Olympios in parliament on Tuesday.

“Since the figure didn’t come from us we cannot confirm nor deny it,” Makri said.

“It’s also extremely difficult to calculate such a figure, as doctors may reserve the right of confidentiality on such procedures.

POP honorary chairman Ioannis Fakas, however, claimed the figure reflected the reality of things in Cyprus.

“I can confirm that around 8,500 abortions are taking place in Cyprus every year,” he told Cyprus Mail.

“The figure comes directly from the Family Planning Association (KSOP) and reflects the seriousness of the problem in the country.”

However, KSOP vehemently denied giving any figures on abortion.

“The number certainly does not come from us either,” a source at KSOP told Cyprus Mail.

“The reality is that nobody knows what the exact figure on the number of yearly abortions in Cyprus is, simply because the issue has not been examined yet.

“We also heard that 8,500 abortions are taking place every year in the country at the meeting organised by Theopemptou, but we can definitely confirm it is not coming from KSOP.

“Also, it is very likely the figure mentioned during the meeting is highly inaccurate.”

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