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Police to step up Kakopetria patrols to curb unruly behaviour by pupils

Police will step up patrols in the village of Kakopetria starting this weekend, after a number of incidents involving unruly pupils, the head of the mountain community, Ioannis Iacovides said Thursday.

During a recent community meeting with the police, students’ association Psem, and local businesspeople, police decided to assign extra officers to patrol certain areas where they mostly spend their time during their organised visits over the weekends, Iacovides told the Cyprus Mail.

“We had a very constructive discussion at the meeting and with the help of the police and the justice ministry we will make sure students are safe,” he said.

The community will also set up a fund with the support of local businesses to hire a private security company.

“There will be a few security guards on the weekends to assist the job of the police.”

Recent instances in Kakopetria with minors found smoking and consuming alcohol led parents to demand a ban on trips to the area until they were properly organised.

“There was always local police, but when you have 700 teenagers together, they are hard to control,” Iacovides said.

The excursions are organised by the students and they take place almost every weekend.

“Since no one can ban excursions to Kakopetria according to the law,” he added, “we decided with the help of the police to at least make sure students will be safe and avoid violent incidents.”

Head of Psem, Yiannis Lapithios, said during the meeting he would speak to the students and advise them to act more responsibly.

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