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Dysfunctionality of constitution to blame for corruption in Cyprus

Archbishop Makarios, former Cyprus governor Sir Hugh Foot and Vice-president Fazil Kucuk signing the London agreement in February 1959

The writer makes a valid point that corruption should be punishable under the rule of law in any democratic state and would be very welcome in Cyprus as well.

No one is above the law.

The devil though is always hidden in the details of the last paragraph.

He mentioned that articles in the 1960 constitution can be used to charge politicians who take part in corruption. But it fails to mention that the reason we have corruption is because the very constitution he quotes is dysfunctional.

It was imposed upon the people of Cyprus by the guarantors to serve this very objective. To promote division, favoritism, corruption, and discrimination so as not to allow the people of Cyprus to unite against the establishment.

We can do better. The future generations are not as naïve as we once were.


Some useful lessons in democracy that Cyprus will ignore

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