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It is a myth that Marxism is out of date

AKEL is not a party that adopts its policies according to fashion or season, but on the principle that its very existence is to serve the interests of all Cypriots regardless of religious beliefs. AKEL has always been in the vanguard to achieve humane working conditions and a decent living wage.

AKEL policies are like a beacon warning of the dangers of neoliberalism that have condemned millions of families of rich countries with advanced industries to poverty.

“All parties embrace the market economy nowadays and operate within the limits set by EU rules and directives.” But look at the results: According to statistics in the UK in 2017, 20% of the population live in poverty, including 8 million working-age adults, 4 million children, and 1.9 million pensioners.

Research by the JRF found nearly 400,000 more UK children and 300,000 more UK pensioners were in poverty in 2016-17 compared with 2012-13.

“The dogmatic Marxism Akel embraced in the past is out of date, incompatible with modern society, and exists only as a subject at universities”.

It is a myth, that Marxism is out of date. Marxism was condemned and dismissed by its enemies right from its conception: Even in the US, they began to look for a Marxist solution to free themselves from poverty.

In 2017, it was estimated that 39.7 million Americans lived in poverty perhaps the richest country in the world.

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney has warned that Marxism could make a comeback due to the impacts of automation on jobs and inequality. It is not the automation, but the greed of the 1% that demands a just society based on Marxist ideas.


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