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Piccard breaks world distance record for hydrogen-powered vehicle

Driving a Hyundai Nexo, Bertrand Piccard covered a distance of 778km. Never before has a production car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell covered so many kilometres on a single charge

French aeronaut and president of the Solar Impulse Foundation Bertrand Piccard has broken the world record for the longest distance travelled in a hydrogen-powered vehicle on a single refuelling.

Driving in a Hyundai Nexo, Piccard left the FaHyence hydrogen station in Sarreguemines on Monday 25 November, a place chosen because of the Grand Est Region’s commitment to responsible mobility, and arrived the next day at the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace in Le Bourget – a distance of 778 km.

Never before has a production car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell covered so many kilometres on a single charge.

Known for rising to extraordinary challenges, including the first round-the-world trip in a balloon with the Breitling Orbiter and the first round-the-world trip in a solar plane with the Solar Impulse, this time Piccard was able to take passengers along on his adventure.

Hyundai said: “this was an opportunity for the adventurer and his guests to discover a new generation of car, to share their experiences in terms of environmental protection and to compare their points of view on sustainable development and mobility”.

Among those in the passenger seat alongside Piccard were Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Michel Delpon, MP for the Dordogne and president of the Hydrogen Study Group at the French National Assembly and Prince Albert II of Monaco.

After his arrival at Le Bourget, Piccard said “with this adventure, we have proven that with clean technologies, we no longer need revolutionary experimental prototypes to break records. Everyone can now do it with standard zero-emission vehicles. A new era in performance is beginning, for the benefit of environmental protection”.

As the first car manufacturer to mass produce hydrogen-powered vehicles, Hyundai says it is actively preparing for tomorrow’s zero emission mobility. “Avoiding any dogmatic position on alternative energies, the brand is already responding to current changes in the car market by offering the widest choice of electrified powertrains on the market”.

Piccard is committed to the planet through the challenge of ‘1000 Efficient and Profitable Solutions to Protect the Environment’, which he initiated with the Solar Impulse Foundation.

He has been ambassador for Hyundai Motor France since 2017.

Record facts:
Number of kilometres travelled: 778km
Remaining range displayed on the counter: 49km
Air purification: 404.6 kL (the volume of air that 23 adults breathe every day)
CO2 reduction: 111.2 kg (the amount of gas emitted by vehicles of the same category over 778km)

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