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Photographs from the Wild East

In the middle of the month, photographer Elena Constantinou will present her first solo photography exhibition entitled Wild East, An Overland Journey from Cyprus to China.

And what a journey, as Elena crossed Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, using overland transport. This is what inspired the photographer to collect images of people and landscapes, capturing a different East from the one generally presented in the western world. Within 90 days, using trains, buses and hitchhiking, she covered about 12,000km, with more than 50 stopovers along the way.

“The title Wild East sarcastically refers to the imaginary East, shaped in my head by ugly rumours, terrifying images and strange stories, but also by the human fear of the unknown. At the same time, this unknown, inspires inside me a real passion for travelling, a need to explore and to observe even the most insignificant details. All these, along with my trust in humanity and the experienced traveller that accompanied me, led me all the way to the Xinjiang region of China,” the photographer said.

“The most amazing experience I gained during this long road trip was the ability to gradually experience the changes in space, climate and culture. The environment, the faces, the costumes, the habits and the languages changed gradually right from the moment I left Limassol.

“Most of the photos I present are human-centred since most of the time I chose to spend my time with people I met, trying to follow their rhythm, thus omitting the notorious monuments of the list. By observing everyday life, I perceived elements that connected me rather than separated me from these people.”

The photographs displayed at 6×6 Centre of Photography, Limassol will take any viewer on a journey through the rugged landscapes and the vastness of Asia into the normality of everyday life, through a look, and a genuine smile, showing another aspect of the ‘Wild East’.


Wild East

Elena Constantinou’s first solo photography exhibition from her trip from Cyprus to China. December 12-23. 6×6 Centre of Photography, Limassol. Opening night 7pm. Monday-friday:10am-1pm and 3pm-7pm. Saturday: 10am-2pm. Tel: 25-354810


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