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The education system will not be fixed overnight

File photo: Teachers' unions representatives meet the president

Reform has already (sort of) started – even if only slowly.

The article bemoans that “the criminally negligent, waiting-list appointment system […] is only gradually being phased out”. There’s so much that needs changing – and as swiftly as possible – with teacher recruitment policies (along with induction support for new teachers plus continuing professional development and assessment) certainly being of massive importance. As the article indicates, there are many battles to win.

I don’t know what you’d consider a ‘proper’ teacher but demanding universal teacher training to the same standard as, say, England’s ‘Qualified Teacher Status’ would be unrealistically over-ambitious.

Remember that QTS isn’t even required in England to teach in academies, so-called ‘free’ schools or so-called ‘public’ (i.e. private) schools – and the number of unqualified teachers in state-maintained schools has been increasing (mainly in specialist subjects) since Gove’s 2012 changes.


Our View: A system designed to serve teachers, not students

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