Cyprus Mail

Public warned to stay away from hibernating animals

A hedgehog hibernating in a tree trunk (Haris Nicolaou)

The forestry department on Tuesday urged members of the public not to disturb hibernating animals as interrupting their hibernation could be fatal to them.

In a post on its Facebook account, the forestry department urged members of the public to be careful when out in nature not to disturb the animals.

“One of the most remarkable ways some animals manage to survive the difficult winter season is the process known as hibernation,” it said.

Cyprus mammals such as hedgehogs, many species of bats and most species of reptiles and insects are some of the animals that have developed the ability to fall into a form of prolonged dormancy for as long as needed in response to harsh and cold winters, it added.

“What we need to do is leave the animal undisturbed and step away to prevent causing any animal to die because of our ignorance or curiosity,” the forestry department said.

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