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The sky is not falling, it’s just autocrats and dicatators that fall

Yet another opinion about how the “sky is falling” and how we should all quickly sign away all our rights and freedoms before it gets worse.

If I’m not mistaken, the ROC survived for 30 years outside of the EU without being swallowed up by foreign thieves. And the ROC managed to thrive in that time and become a full member state of the EU, including its EEZ. And since joining, it has only continued to prosper and has become a pillar of safety and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.

If the people of Cyprus can manage to accomplish all of the above by themselves, imagine what we can accomplish now within the EU together. But this article wants us to throw all of that away, and through some miracle of intellectual gymnastics, somehow believe that the people of Cyprus have suddenly become inept and naïve overnight and unable to help themselves.

The only people playing card games are the ones playing with their gunboats and violating international laws in the Mediterranean Sea.

What is really irresponsible, and criminal is to sacrifice your principles, dignity, and integrity to a bully because you’re too afraid to stand up for what is right. And asking the people of Cyprus to sign the deed to 37% of your house over to the one who came and stole it.

The sky is not falling. The world is not ending. The only thing “falling” are the autocrats and dictators. Peace and democracy will always prevail.


To which Pc replied:
Can you imagine how the RoC would have thrived even more if it did not have a cold war with its biggest neighbour and with a third of its territory occupied?

We should strive to do more than just survive. Having principles is fine, but what is the point if they do not coincide with international law.

Cyprus negotiations are no game of poker

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