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Whom should one believe?

The Israeli Energy Minister said:
“I also wise to advise you of the position of the State of Israel that the development and exploitation of the Aphrodite-Yishai field by the licensees of both states must not commence prior to reaching an agreement between the government of Israel and Cyprus”

The GC Energy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis said:
“The outcome of talks between Cyprus and Israel over a dispute regarding the offshore border with Israel’s Yishai gas field will not affect development of the island’s Aphrodite gas field”.

Whom to believe?

Considering Delek is an Israeli company and unlikely to go against interests of its own government, I say the GC minister is in a damage control state and probably calling behind the scene the relevant powers to reverse the Israeli decision.


Dispute with Israel will not affect development of Aphrodite, minister says (Updated)

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