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Interview with Chinese Ambassador Huang Xingyuan

CM Question 1: Recently, the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was passed by the US Congress and Senate, and signed into law by President Trump. There is a suspicion that foreign powers are interfering in China’s internal affairs. What are your views?

I have stated my views on the Hong Kong issue many times. China strongly condemns and resolutely opposes the passing of Hong Kong-related Acts by the US Senate and Congress. This Act is a blatant neglect of truth, facts and common sense, inconsistent with the principles and values championed by the US and constitutes a flagrant interference in China’s internal affairs,which seriously violates international law and the basic norms of international relations. The US’ support of violence and terror not only threatens the stability of Hong Kong, but also international efforts in combating violence and terror. Some believe that the US had a dirty hand in the Hong Kong riots. By passing this Act, the US is practically telling the world that they not only had a dirty hand but also orchestrated the whole thing. For more than five months, continuing violence and terror in Hong Kong have severly endangered the lives and property of Hong Kong citizens, trampled on the rule of law and social order, undermined Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability,and challenged the red line of the “One country, Two systems” principle. By passing the Act, US hawk politicians are openly supporting the behaviors of smashing,burning and killing to disrupt Hong Kong and China. Those brainless Hong Kong youths and shameless anti-China politicians should be held accountable for the current chaos in Hong Kong and the possible decline of the city thereafter.

The Chinese central government will continue to firmly support the Hong Kong SAR government in lawfully administering Hong Kong, the Hong Kong police in duly enforcing the law,and the judiciary in punishing violent criminals to protect the safety and property of Hong Kong citizens and safeguard the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

CM Question 2. For some time, governments, parliaments and media in the United States and western countries have continued to accuse the so-called “reeducation camps” in Xinjiang for human rights violations. A few days ago, the US senate passed The Uighur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019. What is your comment on this?

First of all, I want to say that the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019 passed by the US Congress intends to smear the human rights condition of Xinjiang, slander China’s de-radicalization and counter-terrorism efforts and viciously attack the Chinese Government’s Xinjiang policy. It is a serious violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations as well as a gross interference in China’s internal affairs. We are indignant at the Act and strongly opposes it. I quote US Republican Congressman Thomas Massie who voted against the Act, saying that “When our government meddles in the internal affairs of foreign countries, it invites those governments to meddle in our affairs.” He was right to the point.

I have had years of experience dealing with western media. I know their usual tricks. This “man bites dog” approach has reduced some western media into rumormongers and hotspot scratchers when it comes to Xinjiang. Their smearing and slandering campaigns have exposed their double standards toward counter-terrorism and de-radicalization and ulterior motives of interfering in China’s internal affairs by sensationalizing Xinjiang-related issues. The misinformation they disseminated wrongly encouraged violence and terrorists, and is doomed to be self-damaging. Terrorist attacks that took place later in some countries were a huge slap in the face. There are some serious lessons to be learnt.

From 1990 to the end of 2016, thousands of violent terrorist incidents occurred in Xinjiang, causing massive casualties and damage. In response to this grim situation, Xinjiang set up the vocational education and training centres in accordance with the law, offering training in learning China’s official language, knowledge of law and vocational skills. All trainees have completed their studies by now and gained stable employment and better quality of life with the help of the government. Since Xinjiang’s adoption of severe counter-terrorism and violence measures in accordance with the law and a holistic approach that involves source control and eradication of extremism to tackle the problem at its root, there have been no violent terrorist incidents in the region for the past three years. Thousands of foreign ambassadors,officials of international organizations and journalists, many from Muslim countries, have visited Xinjiang since the end of last year. They have witnessed the remarkable results of Xinjiang’s preventive counter-terrorism and depolarization measures and hold China’s policy in high regard. I wish to reiterate that there are no ethnic,religious or human rights problems in Xinjiang. The overarching human right is the effective maintenance of stability in Xinjiang for the safety of people of all ethnic groups.

CM Question 3. Recently there was some talk that some kind of a deal was found in the ongoing “trade war” between the US and China. Has this “war” seriously affected the Chinese economy? Do you see that the “trade war” is going to end soon for the benefit of the world economy?

The trade war was unilaterally provoked by the United States. It is the tipping point of the progression of US’s policy toward China. China does not seek a trade surplus with the United States and we believe that an open US market is in China’s interest. Facts have proven that a trade war against China is not the answer to the underlying problems of the US economy. It has severely damaged the world economy. It is a war with no winners.

China has been conducting trade negotiations with the US in an open and inclusive manner, which is conducive to a more stable China-US economic and trade relations, maintaining confidence and positive outlook for the steady recovery and growth of the world economy.

All setbacks so far in the China-US trade negotiations are a direct result of the inconsistency and betrayal of the US. It comes down to the US to achieve any breakthrough at an early date. We hope that the US can work with China to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible on the basis of mutual respect,equality and mutual benefit. This serves the economic interest of both countries and the world.

I would like to add that the world is undergoing drastic and complex changes. Populism,nationalism and protectionism are all on the rise. Human society has entered a new stage facing unprecedented challenges. In some countries,the gap between the rich and the poor has widened to a point that the governing social elites are unable to maintain a balance between economic progress and social equity. So they chose to divert antangonistic problems at home outside by blaming others for their own decline. Being narrow-minded is not constructive. It could trigger a vicious circle.

CM Question 4. President of the House of Representatives of Cyprus Mr. Demetris Syllouris recently led a delegation to China and held various meetings with Chinese leaders and business communities. Do you think the visit was successful and were there any tangible results?

At the invitation of Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China Mr. Li Zhanshu, House President Mr. Syllouris visited China from November 3 to 12. The delegation went to major cities including Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The visit was a huge success. Mr. Syllouris attended the opening ceremony of the 2nd China International Import Expo in Shanghai, President Xi Jinping’s welcoming dinner banquet, the 2nd Hongqiao International Economic Forum,and met with NPC Chairman Mr. Li Zhanshu and Chairman of CPPCC National Committee Mr. Wang Yang in Beijing. The delegation also visited leading Chinese private companies such as Huawei,BYD,iFLYTEK and attended the China-Cyprus Business Forum in Guangdong Province.

Mr. Syllouris and Chinese leaders had in-depth exchange of views on a wide range of topics,including strengthening China-Cyprus friendly relations,carrying out exchanges between legislative bodies and in governance,with important consensus reached. The delegation,which was made of MPs and top Cypriot entrepreneurs,had fruitful discussions with their Chinese counterparts on deepening exchanges and cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, investment, science and technology, culture and tourism. Mr. Syllouris said that Cyprus admires China for its historic achievements since the country’s founding 70 years ago, and is encouraged by President Xi Jinping’s remarks at 2nd China International Import Expo. China ’s new measures for opening up will bring more opportunities for development to Cyprus and other countries around the world.

Mr. Syllouris’ visit to China is another important high-level visit between our two countries following President Anastasiades’ visit to China back in April this year,during which he attended the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and witnessed the signing of the China-Cyprus intergovernmental MOU on cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. We are confident that guided by the leadership of our two countries,China and Cyprus will have stronger political mutual trust,expanding cooperation across the board and closer bonds of friendship.

CM Question 5. Earlier this month, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Greece, which was hailed by the media as a milestone in China-Greek relations. What is your comment on this visit?

At the invitation of President Prokopis Pavlopoulos,President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Greece from November 10 to 12. The visit was very fruitful and significant. Since its establishment in 1972, China-Greece diplomatic ties have seen steady and sound growth. The inauguration of China-Greece Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in 2006 and the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013 gave new impetus to two countries’ relations. President Xi’s visit further upgraded the practical cooperation between China and Greece. At present,Greece is working its way out of the debt crisis while China is undergoing a critical period of economic transformation and upgrade. The two countries’ mutually beneficial and win win cooperation fully testifies the importance of free trade, multilateralism and an open world economy. The visit also pushed up the level of cooperation between China and Greece in the building of the Belt and Road Initiative,and made full use of the opportunities brought by Greece’s new membership to the China-Central and Eastern European Countries cooperation mechanism to actively promote practical cooperation such as the China-Europe land and sea express line for better China-Europe connectivity. The visit also strengthened dialogue and mutual learning between civilizations. As heirs to ancient Eastern and Western civilizations across the Eurasian Continent, China and Greece share a historic responsibility in contributing to addressing global problems and challenges and building a community of shared destiny in an increasingly changing world today.

Cyprus and Greece have maintained a special and close relationship,and both countries are China’s good friends and partners in Europe. The steady and sound growth of China-Greece relations is good for China-Cyprus relations. China, Cyprus and Greece can explore ways to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

CM Question 6. Recently, leaders of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities in Cyprus met with the UN Secretary General in Berlin. What is your view on the escalated tension caused by Turkey’s violation of the sovereign rights of Cyprus and the prospects of the Cyprus problem?

Both China and Cyprus are firmly committed to the One China and One Cyprus policy. China has consistently supported Cyprus’ efforts in safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as the resumption of dialogue and negotiation on the basis of relevant UN resolutions for a just,reasonable,balanced and comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus Problem on the basis of the aforementioned UN resolutions, which must be in the interest of both communities.

With the support of the UN and the international community, the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities have had several rounds of negotiations on the peaceful reunification of Cyprus with some progress. The international community needs to help facilitate this process. China calls on relevant parties to exercise restraint,avoid taking any unilateral actions that may affect the resolution of the Cyprus Problem,and create a basis of mutual trust and favorable conditions for the negotiations. As a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council and a good friend of Cyprus, China is ready to do its utmost to play a constructive role in the resolution of the Cyprus Problem at an early date

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