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Mr Akinci should clarify what he means by saying that the Republic no longer exists

Mustafa Akinci has been the target of the enemies of reunification on both sides of the dividing line

It is not clear what Mr. Akinci meanT when he said “as the 1960’s regime introduced with the foundation of the Republic no longer existed.”

Does he mean that the old constitution is obsolete and needs updating to respond to today’s circumstances? Many countries from time to time make changes to their constitutions.

Or does Mr. Ackinci mean that the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus no longer exists and the Republic’s UN, EU membership and international agreements are no longer applicable and a “new Cyprus should be born”?

Mr. Akinci claims that the “regime was cancelled because the military Greek junta carried out the coup”.

This is not correct because it was against the wishes of the Greek Cypriots who had resisted the coup’s precursors EOKA B and the fascist coup that followed. The sole purpose of the coup was to justify the Turkish invasion in order to partition our country which was instigated by NATO.

This is confirmed by Mr. Akinci when he stated that “To prevent Cyprus’ annexation to Greece, Turkey intervened using its right.”

It is worthwhile remembering that Turkey claimed that she intervened to restore the constitutional order but we all know what happened.


Guarantee system up for discussion, Akinci says

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