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Britain and the EU now need to work out a deal that is mutually beneficial

Both Britain and the EU need to work out a deal that is mutually beneficial and workable and at least Johnson now has a majority in the Commons to enable Britain to actually bargain with the EU (unlike previously where the EU was relying on a fifth column in the UK to continually undermine Britain’s position and scupper Brexit altogether)

As for uniting Britain, that will be a difficult one given the number of self obsessed loonies out there who cannot accept any version of democracy that does not tie in with their own preferences.

However the vast majority of British people are fair minded and tolerant- all they want is a political party that promotes their values and interests first, not social engineering experiments that actually work to the detriment of those values. They want policies based on common sense, not “diversity” and political correctness

If Johnson concentrates on those priorities he will do very nicely. The ordinary people of the UK want a functioning health system, an education system that produces graduates we actually need, some sort of semblance of sanity and law and order in the judiciary and continued work on the environment – if those issues are tackled normal people will soon drown out the activists and extremists that seem to have taken over so many aspects of the media and institutions of the UK and seem intent of ramming those opinions down ordinary people’s throats at every juncture


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