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No logic in Erdogan’s reasoning

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan

A memorandum signed by two governments infringing on the sovereign rights of another state is not legal. In a rare show of unity, the international community has condemned the agreement between Turkey and the Libyan government. The EU leaders condemned the Turkey-Libya maritime deal declaring the boundary demarcation agreement to be in breach of international laws.

According to President Erdogan, islands like the Republic of Cyprus do not have an EEZ but he then recognized an EEZ of the occupied part of the island of Cyprus. Out of politeness, I have no comment to make concerning this logic.

If Turkey wanted a just solution she would not have kept our two communities in total isolation from 1974 until 2004. The roadblocks were only opened after our Turkish Cypriot compatriots had enough of the imposed isolation and demanded the withdrawal of the Turkish troops.


Turkey-Libya accord bodes ill for Cyprus

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