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Police say dog hotel owner under investigation since last month (updated)

Police on Tuesday said investigations into alleged animal abuse linked with a video circulating on social media showing a dog being hit have been under investigation since last month.

In a written announcement, police said they started investigating on November 18 when the case was reported to them. The case is still under investigation, the statement said.

“So far, testimonies have been received from various persons involved in the case while further actions have been taken, such as investigations and checks, necessary to fully investigate the incident,” police said.

The announcement comes after the release of a video on Monday by Cyprus Animal Defenders (CALF) showing a man, allegedly a dog hotel owner from Dhekelia, hitting a dog inside his van.

CALF said in a Facebook post they have received complaints for years regarding pet dogs and cats being returned “with blooded nose/scratches, both dogs and cats being nervous, scared and completely not as character, dirty, ungroomed, thirsty and hungry.”

It added they were able to obtain the latest video in cooperation with undercover activists.

The Animal Party on Tuesday said the owner of the dog hotel has been charged with animal abuse after he was reported by a person who submitted evidence. The party said the case has already been investigated by the Oroklini police after a report was filed last month.

The party said it will monitor developments until the case reaches the court. “If criminal offences arise, those found guilty should get what they deserve,” the party said in a written statement.

As regards the video, the party said it condemns “such illegal, unacceptable and barbarous behaviours against animals.”

In the Public InterestSHOCKING FOOTAGE OF BFAWS OWNER/OPERATOR BEATING DOG AROUND BODY & HEAD.Cyprus.For some years we have received complaints regarding pet dogs and cats being returned in poor condition from BFAWS (British Families Animal Welfare Service) Boarding kennels/cattery.Situated at Dekalia Garrison Larnaca.Cats with blooded nose/scratches, both dogs and cats being nervous, scared and completely not as character,dirty, ungroomed, thirsty and hungry.Our undercover activists after surrounding neighbours had complained to the police about hearing dog screams, banging and other complaints from this individual regarding animal abuse and cruelty, managed to obtain footage for evidence to prove abuse and beatings are taking place, as the Police have refused to accept that animals are being abused and beaten by this man who has been at BFAWS for over 3 years!!.The Police are not qualified, trained or experienced to understand what to look for when animals are being abused.When seeing video evidence and not doing anything about it is a disgrace, shameful and proves even more that Cyprus desperately needs an Animal Police Force who are trained to prosecute and PREVENT CRUELTY and ABUSE!!It is horrific to hear the screams of animals being beaten, hit, kicked, abused in any way, and for the authorities to turn a blind eye!!It is shameful that this man is British, Steven Guy who carries out such beatings on the animals in his van,and goodness knows where else,believing it's acceptable.BFAWS is a boarding facility for both dogs and cats.It is leased from the Dekalia British Forces Sovereign Base. This time of year people have booked their beloved pets to stay over the Christmas holidays, believing they will be well cared for and treated with kindness and love…yet this video clearly shows his lack of control, a temper, and a total disregard for your you really want them to stay under his care?We will be sending emails to many authorities and to the Media.We would like you to send an email asking the SBAA to strip this man of his control over BFAWS and to prevent him from abusing animals further, to give the appropriate punishment with a clause to state no animals should be under his care..ever!!Email… Commander is Major General Rob ThomsonSovereign Base Area British Forces.Other emails to send complaint..HQ Police Vet Services Health you have booked your animals at this facility..please be warned..this is the man who takes care of them..can you leave your animals feeling they are SAFE??!!EVERY ANIMAL DESERVES TO BE PROTECTED..BE THEIR VOICE..GET THIS MAN STOPPED!!!

Posted by Cyprus Animal Defenders – CALF on Monday, 16 December 2019

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