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Tory rule bad for Britain

The treatment of Corbyn by the Tory propaganda machine can be described as Jesus Christ Recrucified according to CK

The article is a fair assessment of the British election, a result that is not to my liking. To me, the result of the election is further proof that the British ruling class, the most experienced of them all, has not lost its ability to defend its interests by activating its machinery. After all, if it could not control its own people how could it have ruled a large part of the world.

Britain is a country that has suffered a great deal after nine years of Tory rule. Not many parts of the country were left unaffected from their policies which have caused unemployment and hardship. Many working people have to use food banks to feed their families because of their low income. People, in desperation, are looking for a way out of their severe economic problems and the conservatives managed to deflect their dissatisfaction on the EU. The Conservative Party used Brexit to absolve them from the poverty and inequality they created and people fell for it and voted for Brexit. The British people are not alone in being unhappy with the EU and Brussels should take notice.

The treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and how he was portrayed by the Tory propaganda machine and the media can be described as Jesus Christ Recrucified (Christ Recrucified is the title of Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel). The assistance of the fifth column, the remnant of the New Labour Party, also contributed to the vilification of Jeremy Corbyn.

As the article points out, 47% of the population voted for the Conservatives and the Brexit Party, which is an indication that this election is not a true expression of the wishes of the people to leave the EU. How this division will affect the unity of the nation will depend on the performance of the economy. With the remarkable success of the Scottish National Party and its demand for a referendum and the Northen Ireland result, the UK is facing an uncertain future.


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