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Dead pigs removed but authorities know who did it, Animal Party says

The dead sow and piglets discovered in Ayios Sozomenos were removed by the time the vet services went to the spot to investigate on Monday but this did not mean the person who was responsible for dumping them would get away with it, the head of the animal party Kyriacos Kyriacou said.

“They know who is responsible and will call him in,” Kyriacou told the Cyprus Mail. “The vet services appreciate that we exposed the person and will take the necessary measures.”

The animal party as sent a photo of the dead sow and several piglets on a street near a wheelie bin in Ayios Sozomenos, and alerted the authorities.

“A picture paints a thousand words and as this clearly shows us, our behaviour and our treatment of animals is as if they were disposable objects, as if they were furniture or consumables with expiration date,” the party said in a statement.

It added that apart from the issue of public health, there was also the question of how the animals were killed as there is a legal procedure in place both for this and for disposal of animal remains.

“There are two companies which deal with the disposal of animals,” Kyriacou said. “There are three categories, and there are strict laws and fines. For example, animals that have been exposed to a number of drugs need to be disposed of in a specific way.”

“Who uses the system and who doesn’t follow procedures?” the party asked. “We have repeatedly warned about the behaviour of those who want to get rid of dead animals. They choose the easy and unacceptable route.”

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