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She didn’t deserve this, the BFO should take action

Will the British PM Boris Johnson seek President Anastasiades' assistance?

I hope the British Foreign Office do raise their concerns directly with the Cypriot authorities because everything but fairness happened. If she were a Cypriot girl, those Israeli boys would not have survived their night back at the hotel let alone a trip back home to Israel.

But, because she is a “loose” English woman, they don’t care and will do everything possible to cover up their incompetence and avoid tarnishing the Cypriot tourist industry.

She should take her case and the incompetency of the Cypriot justice system to the European courts. I’m Cypriot and regardless of my personal opinion about the girl’s ultimate stupidity that night, I’m with her on this. She didn’t deserve what the justice system has done to her.

I have my own personal experience with Cypriot police as a teenager and being a Cypriot they took immediate action against a foreigner that allegedly stole from me. I knew he was ‘guilty’, but I couldn’t prove it. It was my word against his.

You know what they did? They dragged him from the club and threw that person in a cell and waited until he confessed.

I look back on it now and I shudder to know that while the thief was wrong, his civil rights were trampled on.

My father knew people in high places, and that‘s why I got special attention. I‘m very much older today and realize there is something very wrong with our system.


‘Please bring me home’ British teenager asks Boris Johnson

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