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The economics of today will not necessarily be the same as the economics of 2030

Source: Euronews

What nobody is picking up on is that if Russia is pressed so far it will shut the gas off like it has demonstrated before and thus make the East Med Pipeline not only economically viable but necessary.

Expect Russia to be further challenged to the point that they do that.

The other alternative is for the gas to go from Qatar through Turkey and I expect something will happen that would hamper that too leaving only the East Med and North Sea.

You tell me who the winners are then? This is how the resource game is played.

Some years ago, Sadam was selling to the Chinese cheap oil, which was used to fuel China’s growth. So after Iraq was invaded the Chinese couldn’t get enough oil, which in turn slowed their growth to a small degree.

This is why Russia, China and Iran, with maybe Turkey want to create the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

There are bigger political games being played that we are for the most part unaware of. Economics drive politics. The politics will be such that the gas in the East Med will become economically viable. The economics of today will not necessarily be the same as the economics of 2030.


Changing priorities threatens viability of EastMed gas pipeline

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