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Average hospital stay is 6.1 days

The average hospital stay in Cyprus was 6.1 days, the EU’s statistical service Eurostat announced on Tuesday.

The average discharge rate in hospitals within EU member states for 2017 fluctuated between 4.5 days in the Netherlands to 9.8 days in Hungary. At 6.1 days, Cyprus was more or less in the middle of those two extremes

According to Eurostat, there are fewer discharges of male patients than of female patients in nearly all EU member states.

Cyprus was the only member state to discharge more female in-patients than male in-patients in 2017.

For day care patients, Cyprus, France and Germany reported more discharges of male patients than female patients.

With regards to the population size, the discharge rates from hospitals in 2017 for longer-stay patients fluctuated from 10,000 to 20,000 per 100,000 residents for most EU members.

Romania, Lithuania, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria (32,342 per 100,000 citizens) reported the highest rates while Cyprus (7,720 per 100,000 citizens) the Netherlands, and Portugal reported the lowest rates.

For hospital stays regarding age group, the longest average stays for Cyprus were recorded for infants aged less than one year.



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