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Every reservist with a gun at home should undergo yearly training

Personally I agree entirely with trained reservists being permitted to keep firearms, with which they have been trained, at home.

However, every single one of these individuals should be forced to undergo annual refresher training which should include safe use, handling and maintenance of each weapon and reach a set standard results in removal of such weapons.

The hunting group are another thing altogether.

I observe many of them on my long weekend runs in the countryside and few appear to have any idea of safe practices. Leaving aside the questions of why they want to hunt and why massacre tiny birds, what some are referring as the tiny minority of idiots with weapons, stand around no hunting signs in groups ready and waiting to shoot.

They shout angrily at me as I run past and flush many birds out and simply shrugged at me when I have displayed the tiny holes made through my tops after catching the spread of shot.

All fire arms should be licensed and all license holders should undergo formal training as well as regular renewal.

The prosecution and imprisonment of unlicensed hunters as well as those found ‘hunting’ illegally, would be a useful further step, though this being Cyprus I am not holding my breath, simply buying more shockingly bright outer wear for my runs.


Cyprus under pressure to move on gun control

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