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1917 has to be watched on the big screen

I haven’t seen all of Sam Mendes’ films, but I loved “American Beauty.” I thought it was sublime.

As for “1917”: Over the past year I’ve seen quite a few amazing movies. “1917” is easily one of the best. I saw it yesterday with my friends Norm and Les, and afterwards Les told me that he was glad to have seen it on the big screen. I was too.

At a time when most people seem content to stream movies in the comfort of their own living rooms and away from the hoi polloi, I have to say that if there’s one movie you HAVE to see on the big screen, “1917” is it. It is a masterful piece of filmmaking, with a wonderful score. A literally breathtaking film.

In 2018 Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”) produced and directed a documentary called “They Shall Not Grow Old.” He cobbled together tons of old World War I film footage from a 100 years ago, digitally cleaned it up and colorized it so that had a real sense of immediacy. “1917” is a perfect companion piece to that film. In fact, the color palettes used in the films are almost identical.


Film review: 1917 **

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