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Calls for fixed fares for airport taxis after rip-off complaints

In some case taxi drivers were charging passengers more than their airfares had cost

The Paphos chamber of commerce (EVE) is calling for fixed taxi fares from both Paphos and Larnaca airports on specific routes following complaints over hugely inflated prices charged by some taxi drivers in Paphos.

In some cases, passengers are charged more for the taxi ride than their airline ticket.

“We have had several complaints from visitors of taxi drivers charging high amounts to take them from Paphos airport to the town, Coral Bay and Polis Chrysochous,” Andreas Demitriades, head of EVE Paphos, told the Cyprus Mail on Tuesday.

In one case, a visitor complained that he was charged 80 euros by a taxi driver for a journey from Paphos airport to Coral Bay, more than his plane ticket, said Demitriades.

He added that fixed route fares would be a good idea for both Paphos and Larnaca airports, noting that similar problems in Athens and Thessaloniki resulted in a fixed fare system being introduced at both.

“This way the passenger knows what the charge is, the taxi driver knows what to charge and we want to introduce this system.”

A spokesman for the Paphos regional board of tourism said they have been trying to implement something similar for the last 12 years and brought up the matter with various ministers, but no action was taken.

“This would provide a solution to the cases of overcharging and we support this suggestion by EVE,” he said.

In some countries, he said, a client pays and collects a voucher which can then be given to the taxi driver for a fixed amount to transfer them to a specific destination.

Demitriades added that the airport fare would be based according to existing tariffs which are set by and under the responsibility of the ministry of communications and works.

“We have an upcoming meeting with the minister on January 20 at the Paphos chamber of commerce and industry and the local MPs will also be present to discuss the matter and see the minister’s response,” he said.

Paphos has also asked the Cyprus chamber of commerce to look at the proposition which will also be discussed by the board of directors.

Other complaints include some taxi drivers being careless and rude, he said.





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