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Singing for the soul

A vibrant, song-filled monthly workshop returns for the third time this January aimed at awakening ‘authentic expression’. The January edition of the singing experience is taking place next week on Wednesday 22 and organisers invite anyone interested to join.

“The voice is our intimate instrument, the primary means of self-expression,” says Eleni Michail who leads the workshop. “We use it daily to communicate, to express our love or appreciation to others, to show our disappointment, to claim what is ours. Yet, there are so many taboos associated with the voice.

“As little children, we all sang freely and wildly, allowing our inner muse to use, explore and savour our intimate instrument. But as adults, how many of us use our voices to sing freely? Social norms tend to suppress the voice of older children, teenagers, adults, elders. Our voices then become smaller and weaker or tough and rigid. Yet the muse is still inside of us, looking for the opportunity to free our voice and our soul from social constrains, looking for the opportunity to help us discover our own beauty and wisdom.”

If singing is not your thing or the mere thought of it stresses you out, fear not. This workshop, or singing in general, is not about performing Eleni explains. Think of it as sound-making with the ultimate goal to release emotion and connect within.

“Singing is a birthright for all of us, not exclusively for the musicians. It’s about expanding the boundaries of our emotions, opening up ourselves, sharing our story, loving ourselves, speaking up, transcending our bodies and mostly listening to our own inner voice. Singing is about allowing the wonder of the sound travel us in wild places where our soul awaits to be embraced.”

Eleni adds that there is not good or bad voice so don’t worry about being pitch-perfect here.

Happening once per month, the Singing for your Soul workshops conduct voice exploration activities using the voice in creative ways. Traditional melodies from different parts of the world also form part of the workshop agenda and do chanting.

Why might you sign up for all of the above? Eleni says it’s a journey of self-discovery and an opportunity to build self-confidence. Besides, group singing has been known for its positive psychological benefits, so choir members, kudos to you.

Happening at the Life Centre Yoga, Pilates, Therapies in Nicosia, anyone above 16 years old is welcomed to join. Minors can also participate but need to be accompanied by an adult.

Singing for the Soul

Voice and singing workshop for self-expression and to connect within. January 22. Life Centre Yoga, Pilates, Therapies, Nicosia. 6.30pm-8pm. €20. Tel: 99-988486

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