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A case of the pot calling the kettle black

George Soros Foto:

Sometimes women lie about being raped, sometimes they don’t. just a fact of life. but extrapolating the Napa case – based on your own subjective take on it – into some grand narrative that injustice against women is the norm, well, that’s just unrealistic and a maximalist stance to boot.


To which GE replied..

I suppose we’re all guilty at times of “extrapolating” particular events “into some grand narrative” to expose an injustice or some conspiracy.

Kitti does also mention the film Bombshell as part of her argument but at the end of the day there is no denying that the scales, in all matters, social, political and economic are tilted against women.

So let’s take your (J) post. You dipped into an online bio of Kitti and discovered “tell tale globalism speak” and that the Soros billions have filtered into some organisation she may or may not have links with which gives us a “picture here and in what circles Ms Cleopatra moves” as if this discovery by you discredits her from speaking and writing about injustices towards women.

So who’s extrapolating now with his own “subjective take into some grand narrative”. Pot calling the kettle black J, don’t you think?

Napa rape claim case highlights bias against women

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