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UNic financial aid for lawyers and public sector workers

The University of Nicosia law school has announced ten fellowships for lawyers and ten scholarships for employees in the wider public sector, for the spring academic semester beginning on 3 February 2020.

Specifically, twenty 20 per cent scholarships will be offered, in the form of tuition reductions, for the master’s degree programmes in public administration and law. The scholarships are for conventional or distance programmes.

The postgraduate diploma programme in public administration is aimed at people working in any position in the broader public sector and aims to develop the level of knowledge, skills and competences of students. It includes courses such as state structure and organisation and local government, administrative organisation and administrative planning, public sector planning and budgeting, and strategic analysis.

The postgraduate programme in law aims to provide an opportunity for deepening and specialisation in the module consisting of the subjects/fields of European business law or human rights and social justice. It covers subjects such as competition law, intellectual property law, public procurement, labour law, criminal law and social justice and European human rights law.

Scholarships are granted provided that applicants meet the programme’s admission criteria (academic and other relevant qualifications, professional experience, letters of recommendation, good knowledge of at least one additional foreign language, research capabilities), on the basis of priority assessment criteria, and apply for the duration of the programme.

For the purpose of examining applications and final selection of grantees, interested parties are requested to send their personal information to [email protected] or 22-352067 by February 2 the latest.

Contact Elena Constantinou on 22-841526 for further clarification and / or information about the application process.

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