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New parliament building is a total waste of taxpayer’s money

The current building has been deemed inadequate by our MP's

Commenters had more or less the same view on the proposed building of a new parliament

S: As ususal they have got their own selfish priorities right, use the all the funds up to keep themselves fully up-to-date and comfortable, why would they spend the money on new hospitals ,and clinics and medical facilities in remote areas, they all are able to travel abroad for their own medical needs.
Why would they worry about infrastructure and public transport as long as they are comfortable with their large cars and bodyguards/drivers?

AB: A monument to further squandering of taxpayers money . For all MPs do in Parliament they could hold the parliamentary sessions in a public phone box . 95 million is the opening estimate, you can be sure the developer will ‘squeeze’ another few million from the taxpayer while it is being built .

G51:No way on this planet this project will cost 95 million or more.
At least 50% over price looking at the model on display.

S: Would love to have €95 million for better public transport and road infrastrucutre, instead of a new parlament.

New parliament building will cost €95 million


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