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The property issue should have been addressed a long time ago

MPs work on making VAT on houses EU compatible
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This issue should have been addressed immediately after the 1974 war and a tax levied on any real-estate transactions to compensate people like my wife’s family who lost everything in the north.

Since then, distortion in property values in the south has made many people who owned anything on this side richer than they could ever have dreamed of and the developers and speculators are making fortunes which they fear might be lost if there is a solution and prices fall as a result of territory being returned and the north being legally accessible to buyers!

This is a hot potato which none of the ruling economic and political elite ever dare to openly discuss, but which everyone knows about and I hope this case finally opens the floodgates which will force there to be a solution or at least the cost of 1974 will be fairly shared among everyone!


Legal moves to compensate 1974 refugees

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