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Woman tied and robbed in her own home in Paphos

Police are looking for the whereabouts of a man who robbed a 31-year-old woman in Paphos on Saturday after hitting her and tying her up.

The woman reported that someone had knocked on her apartment’s door at around 10.30pm on Saturday, and when she opened she saw a man she didn’t know, who, forced himself into the house.

The woman tried to close the door when she saw him but he hit her and tied her hands, grabbed her mobile phone and some money she had in her pockets and left.

After the thief left, the woman told police she ran outside and sought help from a neighbour who untied her, and called the police.

Police said the woman described the perpetrator as being around 1.70 metres tall with short black hair. He was wearing dark coloured jeans and a black hoodie.

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