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A play about the Trojan War, Helen and other myths

Upcoming play by Anti-Drontes and Rimvos Dance Group discusses Which Eleni takes the story of the Trojan War and slightly twists it. At least, the teacher of the play does as she talks to her students about the war, doubting the mythical beauty of Helen.

The teacher considers beauty to be a predominately subjective affair, thus altering the Greek myth that is based on the fact that Helen was so beautiful that Paris of Troy took her from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta, leading them to break into war. The story then begins with three goddesses, Ira, Afrodite and Athena arguing about who is more beautiful. The three of them get involved in a humorous quarrel with numerous adventures to follow.

It’s a play of tragedy and parody, amidst gods fighting, erotic parodies and unholy alliances. The musical comedy is a work by Reppa and Papathanasiou, directed by Therapon Therapontos and choreographed by Panagiotis Hadjipanagi and Dimitris Constantinou.

The play premieres on January 30 at Melina Merkouri hall with three more shows on following nights at the same venue.


Which Eleni

Musical comedy twisting the myth of the Trojan War and Helen. January 30-February 2. Melina Merkouri, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €12. Tel: 96-462213, 99-645056


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