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Police and judiciary in urgent need of a shake-up

Some of the Israeli suspects at court

There are two distinct issues here and it would be wrong to confuse or mix them up.

There’s the case and there is the conduct of it by investigators and the judiciary.

I don’t want to comment on the case. In my opinion everybody involved in the event is guilty of something and there should be several different and graduated consequences, not just one victim and one villain.

The conduct is another matter altogether and actually that seems to be more of a disgrace than the event. It needs a thorough independent investigation of both the ‘investigation’ of the events and ‘the conduct of the case by the judiciary.

When I say “independent” I mean independent of the nation. Since we are an EU Member State, that shouldn’t be difficult or controversial. We need to separate our own personal views about the event and the involved parties to the event since this puts us very into an “us and them” mode and, dare I say, may even politicise it.

We really should see this as an “US” situation: our courts, our police, our system and they apply to us much more so than to “foreigners”.

If we are honest with ourselves they could all do with a serious makeover, especially if we continue to expect foreign investment and visitors. We haven’t been very honest about anything much for the last 60 years. How much longer can we get away with it?


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