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Online shopping will increase once certain issues are addressed

Whilst I accept some, mainly older people, distrust internet shopping there are other elements to consider in Cyprus.

In many countries internet shopping has, as evidenced in other countries, had a marked impact on ‘high street shopping and shops’.

Apart from transaction security if internet retailers offer a wide variety of choice, rapid delivery options, accurate descriptions of goods and unblemished returns policy, the convenience of online shopping will increasingly become the shopping vehicle of choice.

Shopping centers/malls will continue to offer the ‘shopping day’ options that seem to appeal to some though these seem to be more a social gathering opportunity than a purchasing mission, where smaller high street shops could become more like the kiosks in Cyprus, used largely for occasional emergency purchases.

Governments in Cyprus have successively failed to ensure every residence has a useable delivery address and many online retailers will not deliver to a P.O. Box.

In addition the Cyprus mailing system is often inefficient and ineffective making the decision to indulge in online shopping questionable.


More than 10 per cent of Cypriots do not trust internet to shop


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