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People need to integrate with locals when they emigrate to an other country

File photo: British bases

I am 100% Cypriot and I along with many other Cypriots I know went to the UK in the past and never received the discrimination some people on this forum (CM commenting platform) talk about.

In fact I would never have received the work experience I now have had I not gone to the UK for those first few years of my career.

Of course we always complain about foreigners that come to Cyprus and they may complain about everything related to Cyprus. Yet the truth is these foreigners never bothered to integrate.

The same applies for Cypriots living in the UK. They either refused or were unable to integrated successfully in the UK.

I don’t agree with British politics but I don’t discriminate against British people.

Do you have any idea how many hundreds if not a couple of thousand Cypriots the bases employ?

Is Cyprus prepared to gives these people jobs should they become unemployed? There are certain rules and regulations that the bases have which I do not agree with and find frustrating, but we have to look at the bigger picture.


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