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Restaurant review: Marbre Grill Fusion, Larnaca

If you are a fan of grill fusion, Marbre Grill Fusion Restaurant is a great new addition to the restaurant scene in Larnaca. Meat lovers, prepare to drool!

Located on the ground floor of the Radisson Blu hotel in Larnaca, when walking in to Marbre, you feel the classiness instantly. The modern, wooden tables had shiny cutlery perfectly laid, wine glasses at every seat, not a thing out of place. Black plates at every seat had the cutlery centrally placed on them, wrapped in a black cloth napkin with Marbre written on them in bright orange.

We were seated and given our menus by a very courteous waiter. The menu has a good variety, not just steak and beef fillets. If you are not a big red meat eater, poultry, pasta and fish dishes are also available. However, the main dishes are not accompanied by a side, they must be ordered separately which, of course, bumps up the price of the meal.

While waiting for your food, you can even watch the preparation of the meal thanks to the open kitchen concept. The aromas coming from the kitchen prepare diners for the gastronomical journey ahead. Sitting there I could smell the rosemary and thyme wafting into the dining area. It was almost like one of those cartoons where the smell slowly creeps up to you and once it gets you, you’re hooked! We couldn’t wait to get our food!

One of the disadvantages of the open kitchen is food envy! As you see all these different dishes being prepared, each one of them looking just as appetising as the other, we found ourselves questioning what we had ordered. When I saw burgers on the menu, I thought it was a strange addition that didn’t quite fit in, but when I saw one being carried to another table, I realised it was no ordinary burger. It looked fantastic and the chips were huge!

Different cuts of meat from hand-picked farms from countries across the world (yes, including Cyprus) are offered and different cooking methods for different meats are used, including the traditional Argentinian grill, the parillia for the poultry dishes.

The menu is so sophisticated that it is combined with the best wines from around the world that have been carefully selected by well-known Greek sommelier Nikolas Giannopoulos. Marbre could even become a hot-spot for people who just want to enjoy the best wines from around the globe!

Adding to the sophistication of the menu is the fact that it was put together by award winning chef Alexandros Tsiotinis who in 2015 won first place in the Mediterranean region for the S.Pellegrino young chef of the year.

Our food arrived! Served on large wooden chopping boards, decorated with a piece of fresh thyme or rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt, we were itching to start. I had ordered a 1.3kg tomahawk steak to share with my brother. It was already sliced and ready for sharing so no fighting over who gets the bigger half! For the sides, we had the chunky, crispy chips and so that we could pretend we were being healthy, also ordered the grilled vegetables. To be fair, the sides were quite generous. We dug in to our steak and it was sublime. Cooked to perfection would be an understatement. So soft and juicy, I didn’t want to dip it in any sauce in case it masked the flavours of the steak.

The overall experience at Marbre was fantastic. From the friendly, attentive staff to the amazing food. I left a happy customer and would love to go back again. Be prepared though, it is a little on the pricey side!



SPECIALTY steak and meats

WHERE Marbre, Radisson Blu, Atlantidon 2, Larnaca

CONTACT 24 505821

WHEN Daily noon to 11pm

HOW MUCH €20-35 depending on main dish



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