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Most of the sanctions and obstacles in the north have been overcome

Tymbou (Ercan) airport

The RoC and it’s President are always worried about the ‘status quo’ being made permanent and the north being recognised as a legal entity.

I wonder if the GCs and in particular their politicians realise that the ‘TRNC’ even though it is recognised only by the Republic of Turkey,’ has overcome most of the so called ‘sanctions’ and obstacles by the RoC.

Direct flight bans were overcome a very long time ago in two ways.Turkish and other airlines are banned from flying direct to Ercan airport in the north but TCs have overcome this by flying DIRECT to Larnaca and sometimes Paphos . Many EU tourists havebeen flown to Larnaca and and driven to the ‘TRNC’ by buses from the north.

The second way : planes ‘just circle’ over Turkish airports , don’t land but fly onward to Tymbou in the north.That’s a direct flight, isn’t it?

Most TCs have successfully applied and obtained EU passports and also ID cards. They are now reaping ALL the benefits enjoyed by any citizen of EU!

The north voted for REUNIFICATION overwhelmingly in 2004. How about a for new referendum in the south?

Come on Nico,what are you afraid of? Let the GCs decide,isn’t that democracy? it’s obvious you and most GC politicians find fault with every ‘settlement plan’.


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