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When the climate crisis meets art

Plastic in the ocean, growing carbon emissions, animal extinction – there’s not much left about the climate crisis and the current environmental issues that we haven’t heard of. Whether it’s on the news, global strikes or Greta Thunberg’s Instagram posts, unless you live under a rock, you will be aware that the climate problems are severe.

It’s a topic that has driven many people to act by changing their diet or raising awareness. Artist Meropi Paulou has also taken a look at the effects of these environmental threats and presents her artworks in a new exhibition in Nicosia entitled The Absence of a Virgin Land – A Fake Landscape.

Running until February 19, Meropi’s exhibition is at Apocalypse Gallery and explores the issues of environmental destruction and their effects.

“The daily threat that wildlife and nature, marine life, rainforests, soil and groundwater as well as the atmosphere face is immense, pressing and continuous. How does this new reality affect people’s daily lives?” asks Meropi.

Besides looking at what’s left of nature and how it influences our lives, Meropi also considers the emotions that are provoked by all this. “I try to examine the feelings that are created such as isolation, alienation, incarceration, loneliness,” she says. Her paintings are colourful yet the harsh reality from which Meropi has been inspired by for this exhibition isn’t.


The Absence of a Virgin Land – A Fake Landscape

Exhibition by Meropi Paulou. February 1-19. Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia. Opening day:10.30am. Tel: 22-300150

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