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Handmade art in the digital era

Nothing beats the art of a handmade artefact, the time dedicated to creating its every inch and that feeling of pure satisfaction (and fatigue) left in the craftsman – or rather, artist – when it’s finally finished. Living in these ultra-technological times however, it’s not a surprise when digital methods replace the handmade, making the hands-on process rarer and more special.

This is more or less what Melita Couta and Vassos Demetriou want to tackle in their upcoming workshop ‘Making by hand in digital times’ which is split in two parts, one on February 8 and the other on the 29th.

This is a ceramics workshop, organised by the University of Nicosia Research Foundation in the context of its ‘Phygital’ project, studying the larger meaning of making by hand in communities, in our time of digital reality. The workshop focuses on pottery-making as a social activity and a communal gathering. Participants will be looking at artefacts from the archaeological museum and trying to understand the function, structure and building method of these objects by creating forms inspired by them.

“The process of building together these clay forms,” say the organisers, “invites the participants to think about the origins of pottery-making, as an activity performed collectively in the community for both social and practical reasons.”

The objects produced would serve the daily needs of people, especially in relation to food preparation and ceremonies. Such practices of collective making and firing are still performed around the world in places like Morocco, India and Japan.

Held at the university, the workshop will be carried out in two parts. In part A, which takes place this week on February 8, participants will meet to create works out of clay, using hand-building techniques such as coiling, mould pressing, and an introduction to the pottery wheel. The objects produced will be fired and glazed.

In part B, later on this month on February 29, participants will gather for a symposium where the ceramic pots will be used for a dinner preparation, and discussion around the topics of ceramic art and craft from past to present will be initiated.

There’s only room for 10 participants to be part of the workshop, so if you want to join (and slots are still available) email [email protected]


Making by hand in digital times | UNRF Phygital Workshop

Ceramics workshop and symposium for 10 participants by Melita Couta and Vassos Demetriou. February 8 (part A), 10am-5pm, and February 29 (part B), 7.30pm. University of Nicosia. [email protected]

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