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Road transport department clarifies who will have licence revoked

In statements on Tuesday the road transport department sought to clarify the criteria which would see a driver lose their licence, as confusion followed last month’s announcement.

“The police always had these powers but yes, we have clarified what will make us push for a driver to lose their licence,” road transport chief Giannakis Georgiou told the Cyprus Mail.

But a gradual drip feed of information over new “zero tolerance” measures on reckless driving had left many scratching their heads.

However on Tuesday, Georgiou confirmed which key road violations will lead police to push for a driver to lose their licence.

“A driver caught under the influence of drugs twice within twelve months will lose their licence,” Georgiou said.

It is worth noting that the latest announcement contradicts previous statements made that testing positive for any drug while driving – even once – would see a driver lose their licence.

The latest clarifications appear to put drugs in the same category as alcohol – whereby being caught twice within 12 months will see a driver seeking new modes of transportation.

Two drink driving offences of over 71mg within 12 months will have a similar result – as will two speeding violations over 75 per cent of the limit.

Further red lines include a driver under the influence (of drugs or alcohol) who is caught speeding – 75 per cent above the limit – will have their license revoked, even if it is their first violation.

A common theme appears to be a combination of road offences leading to revocation of a licence.

For example, a driver who tests positive for drug use and being over the alcohol limit at the same time will lose their licence.

“When a case of reckless driving is confirmed, the licence will be suspended immediately until cases are investigated,” Georgiou said.

According to the new measures, the road transport department has the power to suspend or revoke a person’s driving licence and the offender has 14 days to file a complaint.

Those who lose their licence will have to retake their driving test to reobtain it.

When asked about potential abuse of pharmaceutical drugs while driving – such as excessive Valium use – Georgiou said all cases are sent to a medical board for examination.

Georgiou clarified that if police believe a person should lose their license, they will immediately file a request to the road transport department. During the process a medical board will oversee the case and have a say in whether the licence should be revoked or not.



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