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KRS student ‘braves the shave’ for cancer

On World Cancer Day, 13-year-old Charlie Brown of King Richard School, Dhekelia 'braved the shave' to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

King Richard’s School (KRS) Year 8 student, Charlie Brown, took a set of clippers to his locks last week to raise €500 for Macmillan Cancer Research.

The caring 13-year-old, who decided he wanted to “help those that are suffering” after members of his own family had been diagnosed with the illness, was supported by his school friends, teachers and his “excited” mother in the courtyard of KRS.

Speaking shortly before hairdressers from Legends Barbers in Dhekelia shaved him bald, Charlie explained his thought process and his aspirations for what has become known as ‘brave the shave’.
He said: “The idea came to me because I wanted to be able to do something for people and I chose Macmillan Cancer because my aunty and her daughter have cancer.

“My mum targeted €100 and my target was €500 and already we are on €335, so we have to see how it goes.”

Prior to losing his hair, which Charlie admitted was symbolic of what many cancer sufferers go through during treatment, he said: “I am not really bothered about my hair to be honest, my hair just keeps my head warm and I have been looking forward to having this done.

But in the aftermath and as he looked at the mountains of brown hair strewn across the courtyard floor, he admitted: “I feel pretty ‘weirded out’ now to be honest due to the fact that I have no hair. I am glad I have done it though.”

Charlie’s mum, Zoe, who was a keen spectator last Tuesday, couldn’t have been more proud of her son and she also revealed her delight that he had finally had a hair-cut.

She said: “Have you seen it? It has got so long, he needed to get it cut anyway.”
But then speaking on a more serious note, she said: “I am very, very proud, it was his idea because we have a few family members who are suffering with cancer and it was also inspired by a little boy in our town that had cancer.

“He has always wanted to help people but he has never known how to do it I think. It is nice that everyone has made a big fuss of him, it has made it very special.”

Richard Sproson, the KRS head teacher, was equally proud of his student, saying: “I think it is absolutely brilliant what Charlie has done. It is fantastic and he has shown leadership by raising money for this worthwhile cause.”

To donate, please visit Charlie’s Macmillan page:

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