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A friendly gesture and a gift are one and the same

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It’s quite astonishing that our President can’t see that a friendly gesture on behalf of the businessman and a gift is the same thing.

It’s a bribe or to put it more formally, quid pro quo.

It has nothing to do with “saving taxpayers money”. When was this of any concern to him anyway?


While Ant went a step further…

This is not a question of tax payer’s money. This is simply a question of ethics and behaviour.

For a person holding ANY public office, there can be only one response to an offer to pay for private jets from a businessman. That is: Thank you but no thanks…

Anything else is pure hypocrisy and arguably smells heavily of corruption. Favours for favours etc…

Such behaviour of a person in elected office should result in his immediate resignation.

Anastasiades reportedly took earlier trip on businessman’s private jet


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