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Cyprus could have been a paradise if it was run by competent statesmen

Archbishop Makarios addressing the crowds on his return to Cyprus after the coup and invasion

The Brits were not perfect, but they were 200 years ahead of the Ottoman Empire, Greece, Russia etc. They were also the ones who saved Greece from Nazism and later communism.

In 1955 the situation was not so bad to lead to an uprising, only the impatience of Makarios and the overwhelming zeal of the ex Greek military from Tricomo led to the EOKA uprising with all the evils it brought about, from 1955 to 1974 not even one year was peaceful.

The other option was to have a peaceful evolution to self-government and independence without any ethnic conflict and without allowing problematic Turkey to be involved in Cyprus.

Cyprus would have been more prepared in the 1970’s to become independent with a higher per capita political level and the foundations of the new Republic would not have been rotten ab initio.

But the creation of the Republic of Cyprus benefited the mediocrities who became state officials, businessmen and party leaders against the real interests of the country as a whole.

Cyprus could have been a paradise if peaceful, united, organized and ruled by secular, highly educated and moral politicians and not by an Archbishop and his successors of low quality and effectiveness in constant ethnic conflict and antagonism.


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