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The gender of an individual should have no bearing on who is appointed to which post

Photo:Werner Heiber from Pixabay

If people wish to demonstrate to highlight unfair treatment they should be able to do so without being vilified, however the issue is not one of black or white.

If one sector of society is under represented anywhere be it government, business, social or elsewhere, the only question to be asked should be who is the best person to do the job of representation, regardless of gender.

The desire for gender balance everywhere by a portion of society always ignores the percentage of women who prefer to remain at home, or who have no desire to have a career, or take a position of responsibility and this makes a nonsense of the drive for gender balance almost everywhere.

No doubt there are injustices but the gender of an individual should have little or no bearing on who is appointed to which post. Ideally ability alone should be the decider but in Cyprus, as in other places, that seems to be a different issue.


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