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Is corruption more rampant in smaller societies?

On one side the traditional ‘Cyprus bashing’; and on the other side the no less tradtiional ‘pointing fingers’…

Can you imagine a criminal in court saying for his defence “hey, judge, shut up, I’m not the only one involved in criminal activities!”

The difference between this country and the UK, is that given its small size, and the fact that everybody knows everybody here, corruption and fraud should have been impossible. Though it happens….now, knowing that, draw the conclusions you want.


However ET disagrees

Where I disagree with you is ‘the fact that corruption and fraud should be impossible in a small country’.

It’s much easier to approach somebody you know to arrange and fix/corrupt something.

You also have the added problem that people find it difficult to name a relative or friend if they find out he did something wrong.
The policeman investigating the case may also be connected in some way with the person under investigation.

In general corruption is more likely to occur in smaller societies.

Cyprus is rife with nepotism and corruption and the longer it goes the more difficult is to fight it.

Maybe instead of criticising on forums we should have been demonstrating out on the streets!

Spanish link to massive match-fixing ring in Cyprus – reports

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